I expected to be in an alcoholic fog for most of this tour, so I brought along a journal to help me remember the highlights.  Click the links below for my journal entries as well as photos from each day.  I've omitted some of the controversial stuff (as I said, Priscilla, two-thirds of the journal was about you) but otherwise it's pretty comprehensive.

Pre-tour:  Los Angeles to London

Day 9:  Antibes to Florence        

Day 18:  Munich to Hopfgarten

Day 1:  London to Paris

Day 10:  Florence

Day 19:  Hopfgarten

Day 2:  Paris

Day 11:  Florence to Rome

Day 20:  Hopfgarten to Lauterbrunnen

Day 3:  Paris to Chāteau de Cruix

Day 12:  Rome

Day 21:  Lauterbrunnen

Day 4:  Chāteau de Cruix

Day 13:  Rome to Venice

Day 22:  Lauterbrunnen to Koblenz

Day 5:  Chāteau de Cruix to Barcelona        

Day 14:  Venice

Day 23:  Koblenz to Amsterdam

Day 6:  Barcelona

Day 15:  Venice to Vienna

Day 24:  Amsterdam

Day 7:  Barcelona to Antibes

Day 16:  Vienna

Day 25:  Amsterdam to London

Day 8:  Antibes

Day 17:  Vienna to Munich

Post-tour:  London to Los Angeles

My random thoughts

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