Day 3:  Paris to Château de Cruix

On the ride to the wine country, each of us had to get up in front of the bus (I mean coach) and answer a series of questions to introduce ourselves.  Some of my answers:

The Bat Cave (a converted wine cellar at the Château) rocks!  It usually takes quite a bit of alcohol before I'll start dancing, but I joined the jump when our day song ("It's My Life", played on the bus/coach every morning) came on.  I guess I was in a jumping mood because I crowd-surfed twice, doing a Superfly sign the first time and jumping backwards the second time.  Jason stole my backwards idea and did it first but he went off-center.

At the Bat Cave:  breaking up the pose after my camera stuck again

Holly, Brittany and Lisa strike a UNIQUE and INNOVATIVE pose while Michele and Veronica participate in their own way

Bonnie and Tony, who refused to be photographed by himself

Please step out of the picture, sir.

Shervo, Random Blonde from Another Tour, and me.  You can tell by my backward hat and Dave Letterman "kickstand" hair that I've been drinking a bit.