Day 6:  Barcelona

Walked down the Ramblas and had a hamburger (with a runny egg on top) with 4.5 glasses of sangria.  Spent an hour by myself trying to find the Picasso museum, which turned out to be pretty weak.  At night we saw a flamenco demonstration and had a great dinner (seafood combo for me).  The highlight was the bong/flask full of sangria that we had to drink like tequila in Tijuana.  I was handed the bong first, probably because the color of spilled sangria would go nicely with the bright yellow EVENT STAFF shirt I had on.  It did.  Not surprisingly, the bong was passed to me several more times.

By the way, flamenco dancing was the only time we actually heard the "Follow the Leader", until Shervo played it the last day.  But since there were mounting requests for it, I am adding it to the BE723 soundtrack.  It's funny...I did a search on AltaVista to see who the artist was, and the first match was some guy's Contiki page from 1999.

After dinner most people took came back on the coach instead of going clubbing, since we had to be on the coach at 7 the next morning.  I just had a few more drinks at the campground bar.  Some people did go clubbing and returned at 5am.  A fun night was had by all.

Olympic Stadium

La Sagrada Familia