Day 24:  Amsterdam

Naturally I skipped the canal bike ride in the morning, although I'd already paid for it, and slowly got out of bed between 12pm and 1pm.  I felt very very thirsty all day for some reason.  I just walked around the city by myself and took a few photos.  A hurricane was starting to blow in but fortunately it didn't rain while I was out.  I saw a tram slam into a taxi and send it careening across the street (driver was OK).

I found out later that one of our canal bikes sank.  Tony had told us about a previous tour when one guy drifted out to sea.  Probably not the best type of activity after a night of partying in Amsterdam.

The final night at the Last Chance bar wasn't too wild, but way too hot.  Many of us stayed outside around the couch in the lobby where we drank in coolness.


They misspelled "breuwerey"

Royal Palace

Statue near Anne Frank's house

The 4 Americans:  me, Michele, Sean and Brittany...ready to take on the Taliban, after we sober up

Rare photo from inside a "house of ill repute" in the Red Light District