Day 12:  Rome

Michele, Brittany and I took Busabout to the Vatican.  I was awestruck.  The artwork in the Sistine Chapel never ends.  We walked forever through rooms and hallways with every square inch covered with paintings, etc.  At the end was the famous ceiling.  I didn't realize "The Creation of Man" is just a small part in the center.  Wow.  The only drawback to arriving late was that we missed seeing the Pope, although I'm sure it was way too crowded.

On the street I walked by a breast-feeding woman who asked for money.  Not sure what I would have gotten for a donation--maybe the other breast?

I showered after dinner (chicken and spicy pasta) and that cut into my drinking time at the bar and disco.  Plus I got a late start.  Lots of people were getting messed up on hard liquor.  Some were literally swinging from the rafters (Nicola).  At the disco I was so far behind everyone else that I started adding Sean's vodka to my beer (from the water bottle, which he humorously kept confusing for a bottle of water).  Sean was on a rampage trying to find out who dedicated "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?" to him on the ride back from Monaco.

St. Peter's Basilica

The Creation of Man, Sistine Chapel ceiling

The pig from the sex show...sorry, my photos got out of order...this should appear on Day 23