Day 9:  Antibes to Florence

First stop on the way to Florence was a perfumery.  Waste of time.  For lunch we had real Italian pizza at a rest stop.  The next stop was Pisa--the tower looked just like the pictures!  We were attacked by gypsies on the way out but no damage was done.  (My dad says a gypsy once hit him with a baby in Rome, so Tony wasn't making that up.)  Tony is very interested in mullets, and took delight in pointing out a skullet in the Pisa parking lot.  I had my own half-cabin again in Florence.  But it smelled bad (moldy from shower?).  The cabins were on a series of terraces and we had to go downhill to the toilets.  It was worth the walk because when you allow the toilet seat to rise, "a sanitising vapour comes out".

At night most people went to a pub, but about a dozen of us stayed behind and drank at the campsite.  I stayed because I needed to recharge (5 hours of sleep the previous night), but I ended up drinking a lot in a short period--beer, wine, Wild Turkey and "wodka".  Jason made me an honorary Aussie ("Lucifer, King of Australia") after I skulled a cup of wine.  I don't remember anything after that.

Monaco coastline

Oh, PISA.  I seriously thought that we were going to see a tower of pizza pies, so overloaded with succulent toppings and every manner of cheese that it was about to topple.