Day 15:  Venice to Vienna

Long drive to Vienna.  Finally we stayed in a "real" hotel, although this means no offshore drilling possibilities.  Everyone immediately flocked to my room since apparently we had the only working TV.  We watched "Home Improvement" dubbed in German.  Tony says Contiki was kicked out of the previous Vienna site and this hotel was a bit different--e.g., the bartender didn't speak English.  The toilets were odd--your waste goes onto a flat shelf and is then flushed into the lower bowl.  I built a nice little log cabin and one of the logs simply would not flush, so I had to give it some assistance.

Many of us skipped the Mozart concert because of our intense and pervasive distaste for classical music.  It was raining anyway so it was a good night to catch up on sleep.  I had a few brews and went to bed relatively early.  But when I was shaving before bed, my razor foil tore completely off, rendering the razor completely useless.  Dammit, we passed a Braun factory in Barcelona and we should have made an emergency stop there so I could get a new foil.  It tore when I was fashioning a goatee, which I was now stuck with, since I didn't have shaving cream.