Day 19:  Hopfgarten

The mountain bike ride through the mountains was very easy (I didn't break a sweat) but rather unpleasant because of the cold and rain.  Everyone's ass got muddy, which was an amusing sight.  The ride was especially painful for me because of that nutty problem I had in the raft, and the bike seat aggravated it.  I also had an ugly bruise on the back of my left leg and I had no idea what caused it.

Since it was a rainy day I just chilled after the bike ride.  Spent an hour on the Internet, finally hacked off my goatee with soap and water, and rested my broken-down body in bed.  At night about a dozen of us watched "There's Something About Mary" instead of going to the Silver Bullet for karaoke.  Fortunately the bar at the gasthof was open throughout the movie so I still got down 3L before bed.