Day 4:  Château de Cruix

This morning was our picnic on the hilltop, which was very high.  Despite the errant guide dog we all eventually made it.  We'd purchased various amounts of wine the previous night; I nursed my bottle but others didn't drink quite so slowly.  I spent an hour on the Internet then went outside to chill, and that's when the news about the World Trade Center spread.  We all rushed inside and watched CNN in the dining room.  Pretty messed up.  I almost fainted, or started crying, or something.  I guess it hit me harder than anyone because I'd been to New York so many times, and had just been at the WTC in July eating ice cream with my brother and sister.  I tried to break the news to the other Americans, but Brittany and Michele were sleeping when I went to their room and I couldn't find Sean.  The news kind of overshadowed the rest of the day.  I was in a daze during dinner.  A few people including Tony were checking up on the Americans to make sure we were OK, which I appreciated.

After dinner I caught up with Sean who seemed to be aware of the attacks, but it turned out that he didn't know the WTC had collapsed until days later.  Actually Sean was completely obliterated after dinner and saying things that no one but he could understand.  He deserved to get "Honorary Aussie" before me.  (Brittany--this was when you revealed your birth date, which I surprised you with in Lauterbrunnen.)

My razor foil tore a bit.  Now I have to be careful to avoid slicing my face the rest of the trip.

The Bat Cave closed early because of a water leak.  Before it did, I was offering people the chance to touch my fuzzy Y2J shirt in exchange for money or beer.  I had one taker.