Day 18:  Munich to Hopfgarten

After a good 8 hours of drunken slumber, I had liverwurst for breakfast.  I missed that stuff.

On the way to Hopfgarten we stopped at the Swarovski crystal museum, which was a surprisingly disturbing avant-garde mix of Mummenschantz and Sprockets.  In one corridor there were videos of sheep projected onto the floor.  It's a good place to take your kids to punish them.  From there we went on to whitewater rafting.  It was my first time--very invigorating.  I fell in the river twice (not entirely unintentionally) and another raft tried to kidnap me.  We passed under a bridge that guys were jumping off...fortunately they didn't aim for our rafts.  One problem though is that the wet suit constricted me such that I kept sitting down on my left nut.

At the gasthof we had a traffic light party.  Everyone had to wear green, yellow or red.  Guess what?  All the guys wore green and all the girls wore red.  I planned to switch to a yellow shirt halfway through, indicating "hurry up", but I forgot about it.  I didn't drink as much as I thought because the schnaps were apparently watered down.  Jason and Neal went around the world (all 20 flavors) twice and seemed OK, so they must have been diluted.