Day 20:  Hopfgarten to Lauterbrunnen

We were stuck in traffic in the morning because of a truck that had jumped the median, so our journey was longer than expected.  In Liechtenstein I spent 25min in line for change, 30min in line for food and 5min scarfing down a burger on a giant roll (this was pretty much what everyone else did).  Lucerne was picturesque (I took a picture) but I didn't buy chocolate or a watch like most people.  The drive from Lucerne to Lauterbrunnen was beautiful--snow-capped mountains, lakes, streams, etc.  We got free chocolate on arrival at the chalet, so then I broke down an bought a bar for myself.

The Bombshelter rocked.  It was a real bombshelter converted into a bar.  There was another Contiki group there and things started to get wild as numerous girls (including the 3 bartenders) stripped down to their bras.  I think I saw more mountains in the Bombshelter than I did on the ride through the Alps.  I tried to get a pic of Shervo wearing a "bro" (or "manssiere"?) but my enormous camera wouldn't go off.  I took a couple extra ciders out of the bar at closing and introspectively drank them on the fire escape.

Apparently everyone has bruises.  Holly W. said they're from sitting on the coach, which sounds possible.

I noticed in Vaduz (Liechtenstein) and also previously in Italy that Americans sound really stupid.  Not our group but older people.  They tend to hold up lines with their incompetence and whining.

Chapel Bridge, Lucerne

This guy is like the 5% methanol that's added to laboratory ethanol to render it undrinkable

Look out, ladies...SHARK!