Day 14:  Venice

Explored Venice after seeing a cool glassblowing demo.  The pigeons in St. Mark's Square are very friendly.  I saw one guy with half a dozen pigeons perched on him, and a little boy with one on his head.

I finally faced reality and e-mailed j2 to tell them I'm not coming back to work until the 8th.  Who was I kidding?

Venice is the most unique city I've seen.  No cars, just canals and walkways.  Gondola ride was fun.

Prior to the gondola ride, as we were sitting in St. Mark's Square, a pigeon climbed on my back and shat.  I will ask George W. Bush to demand that the Italian government hand over the pigeon.  Or maybe I'll just shit on a pigeon myself.

Bridge of Sighs

St. Mark's Basilica

St. Mark's Place

St. Mark's Place from campanile

Venice from campanile

Grand Canal from Rialto Bridge