Day 23:  Koblenz to Amsterdam

No hangover and well-rested in the morning.  I felt great...and somewhat randy.

On the way to Amsterdam ("the Damage") we stopped at a cheese farm and saw how clogs are made.  Just like the itinerary said!  The clogs were definitely the second-cheesiest thing we'd seen up to that point.  The cheesiest thing of course was the cheese itself.

WHO LET THE CLOGS OUT?  (Clop!  Clop-clop-clop-clop!)

After cheese and clogs we had a 1-hour ATM stop, which a bunch of us spent at an Irish pub.

On the way into Amsterdam we passed Cheech & Chong's Coffeeshop.  ("Hey, hey, don't take those, man...almost gave you the wrong shit.")

Shervo dropped us off near Centraal Station, and from there Tony led us on a roundabout and scenic route to the sex show.  Originally only 20-something people signed up for the show, but in the end I think 40 people went.  Many fine hos in the windows we passed.  One girl looked especially young, like a teenager.  Hmm...  The sex show was almost as funny as it was arousing.  I'd heard about Batman from Tony and others, and it was electrifying when the show opened with "Batdance" and the Man Himself appeared.  The funniest part of the show, and maybe the whole tour, was when 4 of our guys were line-dancing with a girl onstage.  Suddenly a guy in an ape suit appeared and tried to jab Mick with his ape-dick.  Then the ape shot some kind of fluid out of his ape-dick into the crowd.  (I'd been warned about sitting in the front row, but because of where I was in line, that's where I ended up.)  Finally the ape took off his mask to reveal...the SHERVINATOR!

We left the show and some people took the coach back to the hotel.  The rest of us...[details of 9:15pm-11:15pm activities are omitted here]...took a cab ride home.  I must have been thirsty for some reason when I got back because I downed 14 drinks in 2 hours.