Day 21:  Lauterbrunnen

I slept till 11am!  And I wasn't the only one who didn't take the much-hyped trip up the mountain.  I decided that this was my laundry/Internet day.  Fortunately I was able to get a bag of chips for lunch before the store closed at noon.  I ended up spending 3.5 hours doing laundry.  My stuff took forever to dry.

I heard that Shervo considers this to be his best tour this year.

We had a little room party before hitting the Bombshelter and watched Matt's video highlights of the trip so far.  Down in the Bombshelter things were crazy again with the shirts coming off again.  And then things got interesting when I took mine off.

[My specific activity between about 1:45am and 2:15am will not be discussed here.  However, if anyone took photos, please send them to me.  I won't put them on the web but I'm curious to see.]

Our Chalet Jungfrau is to the right

Shervo quietly reviews "How To Succeed With Women" in preparation for another night in the Bombshelter

Our home for most of the 25 days