Day 8:  Antibes

Woke up with my first hangover of the tour (after 4 hours of sleep).  Everyone else hopped on a train for Nice and Cannes, but the ticket girl was out of change, so I killed two birds with one stone and went back to the campsite to do laundry and get change.  Eventually I made it to Nice and Cannes, which are nice places to walk around.  At night we hit the Sun Casino in Monte-Carlo, where I lost ~US$30 on slots.  A few guys played blackjack and I think they all lost except Sean.  Monaco is absolutely beautiful at night, and probably so during the day.

Going into Monaco, Tony made us hold our passports up to the windows so they could be "scanned" by customs.  I thought this was odd since the barcode and the photo are on different pages.  We did it anyway and he got us.

According to the rooming lists there are 28 girls, 15 guys and 4 couples on the tour.  Not sure how that compares with other tours.

I found two beetles in my bed.  Not at the same time though.

Antibes beach

Antibes beach

Nice beach.  I mean it's in the city of Nice.  And it's nice.

Palais des Fetsivals (Cannes Film Festival)

Palace at Monaco

Monaco at night

Monte-Carlo Casino...not as opulent as its Las Vegas namesake