May 20:  Çayağzı/Mediterranean Sea to Kaş

I slept kind of well until Shirley (who had moved down next to me) started snoring herself at 6am.  Then someone's alarm started going off at 6:55am.  I think someone left it engaged in his/her bag.  It went on for at least an hour.  I gave up on getting any more sleep and moved to the lower deck just to lie down.  Someone was snoring there too.  And Shirley at the front and Andy on top.  Nowhere to hide.  G Adventures needs to make a serious anti-snoring effort.  Like maybe duct-tape all travellers on the mouth, and if they suffocate, the snoring problem solves itself.  And if you don't want to die on a G tour, go to a doctor and fix your fucking snoring before you embark on a trip where you have to interact with people.

The captain emerged.  I said "Good morning, Captain!"  He didn't get it.

My bag was cool and dewy.  Notebook moist.  Or maybe it was still damp from Machu Picchu.

We had breakfast on the boat.  Left the goat island at 9:20am.  Back to shore 10:30am.  Back on our bus 10:45am.

On the way to Kaş we stopped at a lookout point.

Meis (Greece) in the not-too-distance.  There's a 20-minute ferry there but it leaves at 10:30am.


Driving down to Kaş.

Arrived at Hotel Kekova 11:45am.  Dropped off laundry.

View from my balcony.

I checked the Internet for the first time in 2 days (we were on a boat) and the #2 story on CNN was that two balloons collided in Cappadocia!  One dead, 24 injured!  I went down to reception and told Ibo.  Apparently I was the first person to catch the story, which had just broken in the last hour.  Ibo said he would no longer recommend the balloon ride to his clients.  Another G group saw it happen.  There was an accident in Cappadocia in 2009 and now this one, along with the Egypt thing earlier this year.  I'm thinking travellers won't see this an an increased risk, though.  Non-travellers might, but they don't know much.

I walked around looking for a place to eat.  Settled on Jimmy Joker and got the Beer Plate, just to get some shit food.

The menu said sausage, but that evidently meant hot dogs.  All of this was fresh out of the microwave.

Back in the room at 2:50pm.  Checked the Internet.  All members of The Shield now have championship gold!  Too hot and I needed to rest.  Napped 3:15pm-6:15pm.

We (most of us) left the hotel at 7:30pm for dinner at Smiley's at the marina.  Mosquitoes there were ridiculous.  I already had bad bites on my knees that were oozing.  I had garlic shrimp (30-40 of them!) and an Efes.

Hey, here's a random note that I will play where it lies...why is everyone on the bus still talking about travel?  Like which countries we've all been to and where we're going after Turkey?  These are Day 2 conversation topics.  It's Day Fucking 9.  We should have collectively advanced to jocular sarcasm by now.  Some of us have.

At 9:35pm we hit the Hideaway, which Ibo and Lonely Planet recommended.  Me, Ibo, the Romanians and Andy.

Cats drink at the Hideaway, so it must be cool.

Bounced to Red Point at 12am.  Ibo said it's normally bustling but dead tonight.  Had 2 more beers here.  Ibo demonstrated Shazam.  That's the 2nd iPhone app I've picked up from him.

Back to hotel 1am.  Ibo said usually tonight is a big night at Red Point "'s an old group."  And to interject, some people in the group were calling him "Ibi" well past this point.  Assholes.  He told you his name on Day 1.  Goddammit, even if you don't give a shit about me or this tour group, at least be respectful and call the tour leader by his correct name.  Maybe pipe down in the back row while Ibo is talking so you can catch this stuff.

I bought another beer at the corner store near the hotel to guzzle in my room.  Bed 2am.