Sydney and Auckland
November 2003

The two most surprising facts I learned on this trip:

1.  Koalas aren't real.  They're just another product of the Aussie sense of humor.  Nature shows regularly use puppets to help perpetuate the hoax, occasionally switching to a costumed midget (or even a badger with glued-on ears) for wide action shots.  Tiny actor Verne Troyer, in an early uncredited role, appeared as a koala with Joan Embery on the Tonight Show in 1989.

2.  The official language of New Zealand is Portuguese!  The guide book led me to believe that it was English.

Photos and commentary:

Nov 22-24:  Los Angeles to Sydney

Nov 25:  Sydney

Nov 26:  Sydney

Nov 27:  Sydney to Auckland

Nov 28:  Auckland

Nov 29:  Auckland to Los Angeles

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