Miscellaneous stuff




21 days, 5 hours of sleep a night, an estimated 130 drinks.  I lost my $500 Treo, its case, a jacket and 8 pounds.  I spent ~$1300, mostly on optionals and beer.  I left Copenhagen with an itchy cough, a raspy voice, athlete's foot and what's probably a chipped elbow.  In aggregate, a small price to pay for a fun 3 weeks.  I didn't get laid, but in my sleep-deprived drunken stupor I probably wouldn't have noticed anyway.

I said that this group was the best out of my 3 Contiki tours, and I stand by that.  You guys were cool and I think we bonded well, despite the difficulties in mixing the two groups.  Whenever I finish a vacation I'm always disgusted when I come back and see all the fat, grotesque, illiterate Americans who don't travel, don't enjoy life and have no identity outside their jobs, and I think my disgust will be heightened this time.  The fact that you guys were still up partying when my taxi came illustrated the chasm in attitudes between the US and the rest of the world.  It reminded me that I must keep on enjoying life until the moment I drop dead, go after those birds, achieve fame ASAP (so I'll have more time to travel!), never get married, and inspire jealousy in whatever I do.

Thanks to everyone in the group, Matt, Jared, the local guides, the Scottish girls, Duncan, the Yartsevo dancers, the Groundlings (without whose training I wouldn't have done the Elton John thing), the Man-Child, all the lab-created hotties of Scandinavia, Carlsberg (the Official Beer of Wiffleball VII), George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Cher, Serge, Dodgy Michael, Lance, Michael Buffer, Elton John, the Dandy Warhols, System of a Down, Safri Duo, John Cameron Mitchell, Joe of Joe's Beer Hall, Rosie McGee, Dirty Sanchez, STA Travel, Contiki, and Lolitas around the world.

And for the record, ladies and gentlemen...aw, you know what I'm wearing.