May 28:  Copenhagen to Stockholm

3½ hours of sleep, and now I felt it.  I didn't feel a hangover though.

I was looking forward to hearing the day song for the first time, but it hadn't been selected yet.  Matt said he was probably going to wait until the rest of the group joined us in Helsinki to start playing it.

As we entered Sweden, Matt played appropriate music--the national anthem, ABBA, Ace of Base, Roxette and Europe.  Oh yeah, and in Copenhagen he played Aqua.  I'm big on musical intros like that and appreciated it.

At a rest stop someone in the group got a salad at McDonald's.  I likened it to going to a whorehouse and meeting your future wife.  I was tired and would have liked to rewrite the joke, but it got laughs anyway.  The McDonald's was in a mall that had unisex bathrooms the likes of which I'd never seen before.  I went in and saw sinks but no stalls or urinals, then realized the stalls were disguised as closets.  Very Swedish.

On the way to Stockholm we got up and did our coach introductions.  I mentioned my whole comedy thing (scripts, Groundlings, standup) which of course put pressure on me to be funny the rest of the trip, and I generally need 8 hours of sleep to be funny.  Shaun announced that he's surpassing 250 days of Contiki travelling on this tour, which by one method of counting is his 14th.

I forget what I had at McDonald's but apparently it put a demon in my intestines, and I had to use the facilities on the coach.  Sorry guys.

After checking in at Ångby Camping, we went into town for dinner at Fenix Bar.  Afterwards 9 of us went back to the campsite and the rest stayed in town.  I wanted to catch up on sleep.

This is the smallest cabin or room I have every stayed in.  Count the 4 beds.

We still had a few beers anyway.

There was a big commotion when the others came back via taxi at 3am.  Good thing I brought earplugs, and I pretty much slept through it.  The biggest casualty of the night was that Michelle threw up in her bed, the second person to do that in 3 nights.

I noted that this group seems tighter and more eager to party than on my first tour.