June 14:  Berlin to Copenhagen

4 hours and 9 beers.  This is a true test of endurance.

Eleven people stayed behind in Berlin, so our departure was preceded by the usual hugs and whatnot.

Mark unofficially got the Boob Shirt again for his near-tearful reaction to England's loss last night.

On the way to the ferry, Matt finally played "It's My Life".  Unexpectedly, it triggered no flashback to my first tour.

The ferry back to Denmark was rocking quite a bit, which caused everyone to walk in a sine-wave path, which was funny.  I took a dump on the ferry which was an adventure--not the dump itself, but trying to stay balanced while wiping.  Doors were swinging and stuff was creaking, and it all sounded like a symphony of defecation.

Dinner was at Rosie McGee's, an Irish pub in Copenhagen with Mexican food, which was no more unusual than that Aussie pub in London where I had Indian food.  Rosie's has a vibrating dance floor:

All right, that sign is just uncalled for.

One more time, I interrupted dinner per agreement.  Here's the transcript:

"This is a song parody.  It's not an impersonation.  So pardon me if it's not accurate.
I wrote this in the shower.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Elton John...
(and it goes a little something like this)

I'm wearing brand new socks today
Although my shirt is stained, and all my underwear's turned gray
The smell of rancid urine on my shoes won't go away...oh
But my feet are feeling fine, 'cause I'm wearing brand new socks today

Mr. Elton John."

The applause and feedback were appreciated, and once again I welcome the forwarding of photos.

Nate's Best Friends challenge was to do the haka in a bra.  He didn't do the haka.

We had the option of staying at Rosie's, but everyone took the coach back to the hostel.  On the way, Matt played George & Elton in tribute.  When we got there, we hung out by the coach and polished off whatever alcohol we had left (in my case, the Minsk wine).  I learned that Pringles just recently debuted in NZ, and I had some.  STA Travel for some reason booked me on a 7:15am flight back to LA, and I had a taxi coming at 4:45am, so I couldn't stay up too late.  At 11:30 I ordered everyone to line up for hugs, and called it a night.

Matt and Jared.  Thanks, guys.