Russia & Scandinavia
May 26 to June 15, 2004


"Ladies and gentlemen:  I'm wearing brand-new socks today."

This was my third and final Contiki tour.  Or was it?  As usual, photos and unintentionally funny commentary are broken down by day.

May 25-26:  Los Angeles to Copenhagen

May 27:  Copenhagen

May 28:  Copenhagen to Stockholm

May 29:  Stockholm

May 30:  Stockholm, Baltic ferry

May 31:  Baltic ferry, Helsinki

June 1:  Helsinki to St. Petersburg

June 2:  St. Petersburg

June 3:  St. Petersburg

June 4:  St. Petersburg to Novgorod

June 5:  Novgorod to Moscow

June 6:  Moscow

June 7:  Moscow

June 8:  Moscow to Yartsevo

June 9:  Yartsevo to Minsk

June 10:  Minsk to Warsaw

June 11:  Warsaw

June 12:  Warsaw to Berlin

June 13:  Berlin

June 14:  Berlin to Copenhagen

June 15:  Copenhagen to Los Angeles

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