May 24:  Lima to Los Angeles

Up 6am, somehow.  I checked the room thoroughly to make sure I wasn't forgetting anything, and found a wooden box under one of the beds.  In it were a lot of coca leaves and two glasses full of white powder.  Unsure if the powder was reagent or product.  Spider web on the leaves.  Housekeeping doesn't check under beds apparently.

Taxi arrived 6:35am.  Got to airport 7:10am.  Way too early.  I saw Alex in line!  He was flying home via Miami.

At the gate, a hottie sitting across from me was wiggling her feet and sucking a lollipop loudly.  How am I supposed to interpret this?  I never know if a girl in this situation is just fucking with me or is the one in a million who thinks I'm datable or fuckable.  Seems like I should have a higher interest rate than one in a million.  Broads are crazy, as I mentioned earlier.

Flight to San Salvador was 10:35am-2pm.  The flight to LAX was supposed to leave at 3:05pm, but was delayed till 6:40pm.

A girl at SAL does announcements in a sexy whisper.  That makes me want to have a layover here.  You know what makes me not want to have a layover here?  The average 7-hour flight delay I've suffered on both of my flights out of San Salvador.  Fuck this backward country.  Let's wait 200-300 years and see if Salvadorans can catch up evolutionarily to the rest of us and learn how to operate a fucking airport.

Landed at LAX 11pm.  FlyAway dropped me off at Union Station 12:50am.  I went down to the subway but evidently they cut back on the hours.  It used to run past 1am.  LA is such a 4th-tier city.  Ban the use of plastic trash bags, and turn off the subway early.  Had to take a $36.05 taxi home to Studio City instead of the $1.50 subway ride.  Home 1:10am.  Drizzling.  I was telling Ronald at the lodge that I would have to wait till July (Philly) for rain, but Christmas/Wiffleball came early.

Ending weight Saturday morning (the 26th) = 158 lb.  Wow.  Lightest in years.

That's it!,,, you guys have been awesome, goodnight.