May 23:  Amazon jungle to Lima

Up 6:30am.  Breakfast 7:30am.  It was raining.  Good thing I had my big black cockbrella to keep my bags dry.

At breakfast, the aforepictured parrot was hiding in the jungle, and alternately saying "hello" and "hola".  And "Homero", his name.

Boat 8:05am-9:15am back to Infierno.  Ronald and the captain brought a bunch of goods on the boat with us, and they took a while to unload them.  Apparently the boat doubles as a cargo ship.  While waiting, I encountered a monkey, and I think I've used up all possible George Michael lyrics in previous travelogues, so no more here.

5- or 6-year-old red howler monkey.  He was quite vocal.

He gave me a lap dance!

And didn't charge me, and didn't ask if I wanted another song either!  There was no song, but it should have been Jungle Love.  Best pickup line ever in that song:  "Come on baby, where's your guts?  Do you want to make love or what?"  O-ee-o-ee-o.  I imagine the girl turning to Jerome pleadingly.  Jerome nods.  She turns back to Morris and accepts her fate.

HOT.  I love when the stripper/monkey does this sliding-down move on my junk.

We got to the G office at 10:30am and unloaded more cargo.  Then to the airport at 11am.  While waiting in line, an older English guy seemed to recognize me and said "The monkey!  You were stroking the monkey!"  Was he peeping in my window at the lodge?  OH, the stripper monkey.  Oh I see.

Bought a Coke at the airport.  First since Thursday (6 days ago).  It turned my brain on.

The flight was supposed to be at 1:30pm, but there was no activity or announcement at the gate.  I figured it was delayed on account of weather.  Ominous clouds were coming in.  At 2:10pm a violent windy downpour arrived, and rain started blowing horizontally into the terminal through the lattice windows.  Everyone ran to the far wall, which was still getting rain, but less.  Also there was a leak in the roof so water was pouring into the seating area.  I took this opportunity to check the board and saw that the departure time was now 2:50pm.  Right then, our plane pulled up to the gate.  A couple minutes later, there was a flash and huge explosion behind the plane, followed by the smell of burning fuel.  It was lightning, very close to us, but initially I was confused because there hadn't been any lightning yet.

Our flight finally took off at 3pm.  Stopped in Cuzco 4pm-4:35pm.  Landed in Lima 5:45pm.  G rep took me to a taxi.  Back at La Castellana 7:15pm.  Much of my big bag and its contents are wet from the storm.

11 hours to go 558 miles, mostly in the air.  The trip is over,  Today and tomorrow are just travel.

At 8:15pm I went out for dinner at El Parquetito again.  Again used the free Wi-Fi from the park.  Amy Milov invited me to her birthday party.  Another mention.  Phillip Phillips won Idol.  Boners are up to 88.5 points!  38 Facebook notifications, 70 new e-mails total.

Had ceviche finally (I had it with Drea from OkCupid 2-17-12, that slag) and garlic shrimp again, just for the hell of it.  Also, 4 pisco sours.  All 4 hit me at once.  Don't remember walking back to the hotel, except that I forgot my jacket at the restaurant and a guy ran after me with it.  Man, those are powerful.  Man.  Bedtime unknown, but late.