May 20:  Cuzco

Out of bed 11:20am.  That felt good.

The tour was over at this point for everyone except me.  Some people were flying back to Lima today.  Alex was staying in Cuzco, possibly at the Prisma, and Sophie and Rosie were sticking around but at a hostel.  I didn't try to find them for lunch though.  Had lots more Internet stuff to catch up on.

The Prisma Hotel is on a block teeming with mattress stores.  I didn't realize there was a mattress district in any city.

Jesus on a hill out the window of my hotel room, where I spent all afternoon on the Internet.

At 5:30pm I met Alejandro, the G Adventures rep, who went over my itinerary for the next couple days in the Amazon jungle.  I thought I'd be meeting another group, but no, it was just me and a guide.  That sucks.

I went into town and walked around a bit trying to decide what I was hungry for, and hoping to run into any remaining members of the group.

Plaza de Armas.  There was a photo a couple days back from the opposite corner during the day.

Business must be hurting because as I passed every restaurant someone stuck a menu in my face (to show me the board of fare, not to distract me in a gypsy scam) and I was collecting business cards.  Every restaurant was the same.  I was sort of craving Thai or Indian.  I did see the Inka Grill finally.  It was right there on the square--I'd passed it many times.  Too busy and non-distinctive, but I heard later that it was good.

At 7:30pm I pulled the trigger and ate at KFC.  Screw Peruvian food.  I figured KFC is the opposite of guinea pig.

Back to the hotel 8:35pm.  More Internet.  Stock market way down...I lost $4000 (10%) in a week.  Did the Facebook IPO drag everything down?  Feeling weird about being alone for the next 4 days.

At 9:32pm there was an EARTHQUAKE!  For some reason it never showed up on the USGS site, but I've been in LA long enough to know the difference between a truck and a quake.  All the street dogs were barking.  Alex mentioned on Facebook that he felt it too.  It was probably around a 4 if it was nearby, and USGS doesn't have anything listed for Peru under a 4, so maybe it wasn't considered significant.  First one I've felt outside the US.

Bed 11:30pm.