May 28:  Singapore to Los Angeles

Up 6:30am.  Slept a little.

Simon looks a bit like Stone Cold Steve Austin.  It's the goatee.  This comment belongs on another page, but none specifically, so it goes here.

I went to the subway station, but the machine didn't take anything bigger than S$5.  So I came back up, went to the hotel and got change there (since no stores in the area were open that early).  Dek happened to be there, so he walked me to the better subway station, and I got on the train at 8am (for S$2.80, which exactly used up my S$0.80, so I didn't have to add to my jar of international coins that I "found" at the Casa Rojany...fuck those Rojanys and their dead brother...look it up).  Checked in at 9am for a 10:25am flight.  Well-timed.

I nodded off a few times on the SIN-TPE flight.  Literally.  My head dropped a couple times.

Waiting for the TPE-LAX flight I took a PM pill.  Needed a good solid night of sleep.

On the TPE-LAX flight I again got a bad seat, 41F.  But I slept a few hours anyway.  I had a dream that I had to deliver mail to the IHM principal's office.  I remembered where the nurse's office was in relation to it.  On the flight it was announced that smoke was detected in the toilet.  Chinamen are so odd!  And a woman stood up and retrieved her overhead bag while we were still taxiing to the gate and after an announcement went out that we were taxiing to the gate and everyone needed to sit their asses down.  And then a bunch of fucking Chinks were standing on the moving walkway again, and I blurted out "you're supposed to stand on the right...learn some goddamn manners".  If I was going to create a stereotype about Taiwanese people, I'd say they're aggressively rude, and not fit for society.  The flight left Taipei at 4:40pm Friday and landed in LA at 1:25pm Friday.  Marvin Barnes.  I looked at my watch and it said 12:05pm, so I though we were about to land, but then I woke up and my watch really said 11:30am.  That was odd.

Going through customs, I got pulled over for a thorough bag search, because I'm a hot single guy coming back from Thailand.  The customs guy opened my toiletries bag and found my box of condoms.  "Unused", I pointed out.  He did not react.

When I arrived in LA the temp was 62F.  Wow.  And my apartment building had been painted.

When I checked my e-mail, surprisingly, all 12 tourmates I'd added on Facebook accepted me.  I still had to add one more, along with Dek and Crystal, but that's a nice conversion rate.  No Bogies or Crydermans or Moores on this tour.  Cunts.  Good group.

One trip to Ralphs after I got home was all it took to remind me of what I'd been forgetting to do in Asia.  White girls.  Jar of mayonnaise.  Again, if you know the bit, you know it.

So anyway, this was a fun tour.  Thanks to Dek and everyone in the group.  I'm gonna spend the next couple months contemplating my next trip, and the decision is made more difficult by the new Gap YOLO designation, but I'll figure out how to work around that.

And now, let's all enjoy this.
You guys have been great.
Thank you.