May 22:  Penang to Cameron Highlands

Out of bed 10am but awake before.  Had lots of dreams.  A thunderstorm came through, which didn't help.

I checked out at 10:30am and stored my bag while I walked around looking for food, but it was too hot to eat.  I came back and used the Internet briefly.  Then several of us went back out for lunch, and by that time I had an appetite, so we went to another Indian place.

We rode 1:30pm-5:30pm to the Cameron Highlands, an area up in the mountains that's much cooler than what we'd been experiencing (maybe around 70F and borderline jacket weather at night vs. the 90F from Bangkok to Penang).  Our hotel was the HillView Inn in Tanah Rata.  I showered, then we went out to dinner at 7pm, but split into groups.  Six of us went to an Indian place where I had chicken masala with a ridiculous number of bones.  It wasn't fun eating that.  A few other people went to the steamboat restaurant.  A steamboat is like the hotpot I had in China.  Becky thought differently...she was under the assumption that you got to eat your meal while sitting in a boat.

After dinner I went to the hotel with Dek, Becky, Joe, Elise and Matt, then quickly went out again to try to find the rest of the group.  I found Trisha, Fiona and Lee outside Starbucks, and others joined us.  For some reason Simon conjured up an image of John (aka Darcy) wearing nothing but riding boots, riding Fiona (aka Fifi, aka Felicity) who in this scenario would be dressed as a horse.  Also, Lee started doing the Mr. Herbert voice, though none of us could replicate it properly with the whistle.  Hey there, muscly arm.  We're all getting a little crazy at this point.

Everybody reneged on the plan to get fucked up, on account of this wasn't a happening town (only 1 bar) and most people wanted to get up in the middle of the night to watch the Champions League final.  So we all just watched TV until the last of us went to bed at 11pm.  I took a PM pill since I hadn't had any alcohol.