May 19:  Krabi/Ao Nang

I stayed in bed till 11am, but couldn't sleep after 9am due to horniness.  Other people got up early to ride mopeds and elephants.

People liked my dog comment last night, but my favorite quote on this trip so far is "I don't like him", delivered in the same tone as Jennifer Coolidge's character referring to George Costanza.  Uh-oh, tension in the group.

I walked around town some more and had shrimp fried rice up the street, then used the Internet back at the hotel, but it was too slow so I didn't do much.  I really just wanted to find out what happened on Idol last night (top 3 were performing).  I tried to nap 2:30pm-4:30pm but most of that time my mind and heart were racing.  Caffeine was a bad choice.  Had a shit-shower-shave, and then we met at 6pm to discuss tomorrow's journey to Malaysia.

Somewhere in here Fiona was rattling off the events of last night to prove her memory, but everything she cited was from the first couple minutes at the 2nd bar or earlier.  And she tried to claim I was equally drunk because I wanted to stab the singer in the eyes, but that's the kind of stuff I say when I'm sober, which I was at the time.

We split up for dinner.  Simon, John, Lee and I went to a place at the corner of the hotel road and the beach road.  I had chicken with mushroom and garlic.  Not spicy, but nice.  Then we went back to the Irish pub with Joe & Elise.

This is the Irish pub I was telling you about.

The rest of the group reassembled outside at the hotel (I could see them through the pub window) so we moved back over there and drank and played card games from 9pm to 11pm.

Part of the group at J. Mansion.

We were leaving the next morning at 8am for a 10-hour ride, so after 2 nights of hardcore drinking, this was an early one.  I had only 6 beers and was in bed by 11:30pm.