May 17:  Krabi/Ao Nang

I did not sleep at all on the train.  The bed was comfy and my body was rested, but not my brain.

At 7am we arrived at Surat Thani and had breakfast at the train station.  I had chicken pad thai and a 640-mL Chang at 7:15am, which seemed to impress the Brits.  I had a beer at Angkor Wat at 6:50am so this wasn't my earliest, but impressive nonetheless.

We took minibuses 8am-10am to Ao Nang.  Watched Year One along the way.  I still can't figure out if Michael Cera is a dude.  Arrived at J. Mansion, which has sister companies such as J. Guesthouse and J. Speed Boat.  Evidently Jaye Muller has branched out into hospitality.

I walked one block down the street to the beach.



My feet in the Andaman Sea.


Tsunami sign.

I walked up and down the beach surveying the bars & restaurants.  Lots of Ports-O'-Call-style shops.  I was harassed non-stop for massages, which weren't tempting at all after watching Michael Cera rubbing the oily oiliness all over Oliver Platt.

I looked for food, but realized I wasn't hungry and it was too hot to be outside, so I retired to my room at noon.  Watched some random track & field competition on TV.  "These are the fastest girls in India.  They dare you to chase them."  That's very comical in an Indian accent.  Priya Rai is the only Indian girl I'd chase.

I napped 1pm-4:30pm, making up for the train.

At 5:45pm the group met, and the 3 Australian guys turned out to be Austrians.  OK, now the China Air/Air China thing doesn't seem as bad.  They skipped Bangkok on bad advice from family, and went to Phuket instead.

We got some beers and watched the sunset.


Most of the group at dinner.

The Austrians at dinner, and Becky, who likes being photographed.

Outside a restaurant, possibly ours.  "You got your crabs...your mussels...your shrimp...I don't know what that is..."

After dinner we went to a bar along the beach.

Note the "no prostitute" thing.  Evidently this applied only to Chang Bar, and not the back room.

"Where, I don't--"
"Here, horizontally."
"Pretty sneaky, sis."

The group playing pool at Chang Bar.

The back room.  Reminds me of the Main Room at the Comedy Store...the room all us up 'n' comers have to walk past on our way up to the Belly Room.

This reminds me of a side wall at a strip club, or a comedy club.

At some point I went looking for a toilet and got lost, and as I walked by the bar in the back room, two whores made out with me.  That's some good salesmanship.  I hope they were girls.  I was pretty drunk by that point.  I had a big Chang and a bunch of Long Islands, and played my worst pool game ever.  Other than the 'tutes, I don't remember much of this night.