May 16:  Bangkok, overnight train to Krabi/Ao Nang

I was in bed till 11am (though awake since 8:30am due to a thunderstorm).  Checked out, walked to Khao San Road, got caught in a downpour.  Recognized places I'd been to in 2005, like the outdoor beer place with the windows.  Ate.  Khao San Road has a lot of hotties.  Need to find a gf when I get back home.

Went on the Internet for the first time.  Flyers came back to beat Boston.  Apparently 25 people died in Bangkok unrest in the last 3 was confined to a particular part of the city and I had no idea.

I got back to the hotel at 3:30pm, and we left for the train station at 5pm, way too early.  Train left 7:30pm.  I listened to the iPod for a while, and O.P.P. came on, and I found myself silently mouthing the words and imperceptibly nodding my head, just like my brother on the R8.

Not sure when I went to bed on the train, but the train kept stopping, and I didn't sleep much.