Nov 18:  Bandung to Yogyakarta

Up 6:30am but already up.  I know I slept a bit because I dreamed at two different times, but I was awake for a while in the middle because of snoring and then the call to prayer.

I tried to poop and failed again.  Nothing since Taipei 48 hours ago.  I know what's coming.

We left the hotel 7:30am for a short walk to the train station.

Bought my first Fanta of the trip at Bandung Station.  Comedian Steve Henry is the only other person I know who appreciates Fanta in other countries as much as I do.  His FB cover pic is him drinking Fanta at the Eiffel Tower.  I mention Fanta every time I bring him to the stage.  I discovered Fanta in Montevideo.  It's refreshing when you need refreshment.

There was a similar sign at the passport check before getting on the train and I couldn't get a pic, but then this was in the seat pocket.  I'm guessing they chose a snake because there was an incident.  Dammit, I still haven't eaten durian.  I assume my butt isn't included among "objects with strong odor" on account of my poop hiatus.  When I got back to LA and took the subway home there was a guy lie down on cabin floor, looking less relaxed than the guy on this sign (also he had a guitar).  And when it says drugs are "strictly prohibited", that's a euphemism for death penalty, for real.

Train departed 8:30am.  I was in seat B next to Ryan and couldn't get great pics out the window, but Barry had told us it's better to just enjoy the view than capture photos because of the motion of the train.  Agreed.  The view was mostly rice fields anyway, at least for the early portion.

This wasn't a rice field.  It was a volcano, which I later identified as Mt. Papandayan.  Cool!  Only the second active volcano I've seen (after Arenal in Costa Rica), unless Rangitoto in NZ is active.  Seeing another on this trip, closer.

I tried to nap throughout the ride, alternating between that and looking out the window, but I couldn't get into a suitable position.  My head kept dropping.  Why don't trains and planes have some foldout thing that you can rest your head on?  Like the tray table on a plane, but higher and not as close?  People sleep by leaning forward, not back.  A reclining seat is good only for back-sleepers, who tend to be snorers, and no one wants them to fall asleep.

Arrived in Yogyakarta 4pm.  The name of the city is spelled with Ys but pronounced with Js, like the way Porta Rickans in New York say "you" like "jew", according to TV stereotypes and not real life.  It's the complete opposite of jogging.

Minibus met us and we arrived at the KJ Hotel at 5pm.  Here's the view from our balcony.  Right after this was the call to prayer and it was loud.  I posted the video on FB.  Go find it there.

My big toes are sore.  That should be the end of the arthritis sequence.

Shaved and showered.  Left on foot for dinner 7pm.  Because of the travel there was no lunch stop.  I didn't buy snacks at the train station, and the train had meals for sale but I was too sleepy and not hungry enough.  But now looking forward to dinner because it had been 24 hours.

Arrived at Christine's Garden.  God, I can't stand when people spell it that way.  Scott Turicchi (j2's president) called me that in an e-mail at least once, and I see it here and there.  I have the original e-mail from my sister where she equated "Chris P." to "crispy".  I've been running The Crispy Comedy Show for 8 years.  I've maintained for 8 years.  It's not Chrispy.

I had opor ayam (chicken in coconut curry, Thai-style, but the chicken pieces were bony with not much meat, possibly from those meager chickens on the boat in Jakarta) and a large Bali Hai.

Toomas and me.  Oh wow, this is exciting.  Universal Studios.  Hollywood.  "Cali".  (I live a literal 10-minute walk from Universal Studios in LA.  Imagine if you'd never been to LA and thought it was called "Cali".  BAHAHAHAHA)

Left Christine's 9pm and walked back to the hotel.  I (and others) wanted to drink more but the local bars were deserted.  Maybe because it was the start of rainy season and therefore fewer tourists, but I'd rather go at that time of year because I love warm rain.  One bar had hot girls outside trying to attract customers, though not at the level of the Elvis Bar in Singapore.

I couldn't remember where I saw this gecko, but my notes and the timestamp say it was at the hotel.  Four of us had one more Bali Hai each here.

Bed 10:30pm, but I stayed up on my phone till 11pm.