May 30:  Agia Roumeli to Loutro

I got up at 8am and had my first breakfast of the tour (bread & butter and orange juice).  I accidentally ate an orange seed that was in the juice, and the taste was in my mouth forever.

Mourning doves have a different song in Greece.  Instead of the "ooOOoo oo oo oo" in the US, they go "oo-oo oo".

I have at least two mosquito bites!  Awesome.  Mosquito bites always mean I've been someplace and done something.

We took a short ferry to Loutro, which isn't in Let's Go or on Wikitravel, so I don't know much about it.

View from my hotel room balcony.  Nice.

After checking in a bunch of people went to rent beach chairs.  I lagged behind with Gabriel and notes are out of order here but I think I had a frozen beer and played/watched backgammon.  Then the two Gs got the idea to swim from the hotel to the other beach where the chairs were and surprise everyone.  I walked down there and took a chair so I could signal the location.

This reminds of Mike's date with Julie Brock when he saw a Sea Creature emerging from the bay.

A complaint was lodged with Gabriel by Sarah (now known as Middle Management) about me not just getting a single room every night, but getting the best single room.  Gabriel correctly pointed out that room assignments are not known until check-in.  The girls wanted to pimp me out to solve the single room problem.  I said I was perfectly willing to alternate with a different girl every night to keep things fair.  But I also said that if Gabriel had to room with me, then he would get screwed.  Oh my!  Someone mentioned me getting lucky with a single room every night.  Gabriel:  "I haven't seen him get lucky."  No indeed.  (I'd like to insert a variety of emoticons here.)

At some point, and I forget the conext, I told the story of when I slept under Amy Milov's bed one night, and got up the next morning and not everyone realized I was there.  That made everyone paranoid about checking their beds.  Come on, it wouldn't be as creepy as Willem Dafoe under Stewie's bed.  (No YouTube link here...sorry.)

New word from Gabriel I'd never heard before, for a sorority girl:  "sorostitute".

On the beach chair I patted my belly to see if it had shrunk from the gorge hike, and it jiggled infinitely like Homer's belly!

Parody of Kristen's (from my Southeast Asia tour) MySpace photo.  Speaking of which, the group members seem to be on Facebook more than MySpace, and Gabriel usually puts all the tour stuff on Facebook, so it looks like I'll have to reactivate my account.  I hate having to maintain two social networking sites and MySpace is the more popular one for comedians, but I gotta stay current.

Dawg on a kayak.  This is the coolest dog in the world.

I noted that Gloria keeps pointing out my drunkenness, when it is in effect, like today.  I understand that at the University of Florida such activity is frowned upon.  (I have a hard time criticizing UF, after they made UCLA their bitch two Final Fours in a row.)

After the beach I went to the Internet cafe.  Place a $37 bid on Jay Bruce, which is one of the few $20+ bids I can justify.  Thought Ryan Doumit was coming back from the DL today but he didn't.  Boners are still in 2nd place by 6.5 points.  Lakers eliminated the Spurs in the Western Conference finals, and Stacy and Dawn were next to me as I read that so I got to taunt them (they live in Dallas and Houston respectively but were rooting for the Spurs).

My notes say I watched one more Gabriel-Gloria backgammon game before dinner.  I don't remember.  That's why I write everything down.  We had dinner somewhere...maybe in front of the hotel, maybe down a few places.  I must have drunk a lot today.  I know I recited pi to 74 decimal places at dinner.  After dinner I played Gloria in backgammon and finally won a game, and another one.  But then she won a backgammon, which is when she wins and I still have at least one piece in her home quadrant, and that counts for 3 points.  So she won the match 3-2.  That was the closest I came to beating anybody.

Gabriel, Gloria and I (there's a pattern here) moved to another bar and drank ouzo.  I dropped the atheism thing on them...I forget how it came up and again I detest talking about these things among friends, but we're all intelligent edumacated people here.  And I can't believe FrontPage is flagging "edumacated" as a misspelled word.  I've just added it to the dictionary.