May 27:  Athens, overnight ferry to Chania

I was in bed till 11am, but church bells woke me regularly starting at 7am.  Again, I stayed in bed to rest my body if not my mind.  I was sore from walking.  I checked out but we all had to leave our bags at the hotel, because we weren't leaving for the ferry until later in the evening.

To kill time I headed to the Archeological Museum, walking on the shady side of the street wherever possible.  Athens is hot.  I figured the museum was air-conditioned, which was my only reason for going.

Along the way I saw these ruins of a road and tombs.  There are a lot of random excavations like this in the central area.

The museum was OK, and photos were allowed, but I generally take photos only of star attractions like the Mona Lisa.  I found it notable that they had mummies on display.  Isn't Dr. Zahi Hawass working every day toward getting Egyptian artifacts returned to Egypt?  So where does Greece get off demanding the Elgin Marbles back?

After the museum I ran into Susan and Deb from the group, along with Patty (the 2am arrival).  We had drinks outside at O Thansis.  Jodi soon joined us.  Later Len & Marie and Dawn & Stacy came by but did not join us for drinks, which later led me to announce that we had talked about all the people who weren't there.  Well, really, we talked about a few.

We regrouped and took the Metro to the port of Piraeus well in advance of our 9pm ferry to Chania.  The ferry line was Anek, as Elias had prophesied.

Ships at the port.

On the top deck, Ellie (one of the Russians) was taking artsy-fartsy pics of some random guy, and then some pics of me, and asked if I would be her model for the rest of the tour.  She asked me "You're very lithe, aren't you?  Very graceful."  Me, flattered that she noticed:  "Well, yeah."  No, that conversation didn't take place.  But it was implied.  By the way, Ellie and Leo (the other Russian) are a couple.  So that makes it highly unlikely that I will break my record of 110 references to an Ellie or Eli, set in the South America travelogue.

Gabriel and I were the first to the ship's cafeteria for dinner, and we sat at opposite ends of a long table, like it was an important state dinner.  Or dinner with Monty Burns.  The rest of the group progressively joined us.  I made a profound realization during dinner:  the word "luggage" literally means "that which is lugged".

Seating area where we would spend the night.  The TV never went off.  Standing are Gabriel, Jodi and Sarah (back to camera).  I see Len seated.

Jodi had brand-new white sneakers.  I don't know why this was photo-worthy, but it fits in later.

Nine of us went up to the lounge on the top deck to drink until 1:30am.  Again, we talked about the people who weren't there.

Pool.  Closed.

Lounge from the outside.  I think I see Len, Patty, Gabriel, Sarah and Jodi, and some unknown backs.

I think I took this with Elias in mind.  Pointless otherwise.

When you're taking photos on a boat at 1:30am, pointlessness usually doesn't get in the way.

Half the group paid extra to upgrade to cabins (which I later heard were cold).  The rest of us tried to sleep in that seating area.  I used a mask and earplugs to shut out the TV and general rowdiness from the riffraff, but it didn't help at all.