Jun 8:  Athens to Los Angeles

I'd intended to take the bus from Syndagma Square to the airport, but Stacy and Dawn had a taxi coming at 5:15am and were on the same flight as me, so I left with them.  I paid half of the 26 fare.  The bus would have been 4 but it was worth it not having to drag my bag to Syndagma at 5am.  We got to the airport early and I killed 2 hours with them.

The Texans were getting off in London to spend the night there, whereas I was transferring to another flight to LAX.  I tried to catch them getting off the plane for one more set of hugs, but I must have missed them.  Oh well.  The tour is now officially over.  I prolonged it as, uh, long as I could, both last night and today.

At LHR I took a couple Simply Sleep tablets.  I absolutely needed to sleep on this flight so I'd be in mental shape for writing the travelogue when I get back.

Uh, nothing else happened between London and LA.  If the tour was Bob Sacamano, its part of the story would be done.  Which it is.

First night back in LA I was still wired and couldn't get to sleep.  Not helping was the sudden crescendo of pounding noises from a nearby apartment at 1:30am.  Yeah, just rub it in.  I mean figuratively in my face, not in her vergina, which I guess you were doing anyway.

Final weight = 161.5 lb.  I expected more of a loss after all the hiking, but I'll take it.

I might append this travelogue with more photos, like anything my tourmates send me or the ones on the CD from Russell.  Tourmates, please send!

Thanks to everyone in the group, Gabriel, G.A.P Adventures, Ashleigh Berger (sales rep who booked my tour...I've always wondered if she's hot), Russell the Love Muscle, English Dave, Capt. George, Manoli (the driver), the Pilichos family, Lainas, Niki, Leah and Sarah, the University of Florida, B2 for setting the 40-40 challenge, and special thanks to Eugene Levy.

You guys have been great.  Thank you.