Egypt and the Nile
May 24 to June 1, 2003

"Wake up!  Get up!  Stand up!  Hurry up!  7-Up!  Shut up!  (alternately:  Throw up!)"--Amadeus

I took more photos per day than usual, on account of there's a lot of stuff in Egypt.  So I have the photos and commentary broken down by day.

May 23-24:  Los Angeles to Cairo

May 25:  Cairo, overnight train to Aswan

May 26:  Aswan

May 27:  Aswan to Abu Simbel and back, then to Edfu

May 28:  Edfu to Luxor

May 29:  Luxor

May 30:  Luxor to Cairo

May 31:  Cairo

June 1:  Cairo to Los Angeles

Our group (with Amadeus on the right)

2003 Zzyzx Creations

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