May 28:  Quepos/Manuel Antonio National Park to San Jose

Up at 8:20am.  The mosquito bites had resumed over the last two days, and I had several on my side.  An odd place.

I hadn't worn shorts for a couple days until we got to Quepos, and I now noticed that they were looser.  I don't know it it was from weight loss or the lack of a belt.

The Dutch girls were up for breakfast and we got to do our goodbye hugs with them.

Final picture of the group:  Anna and Sarah (squatting); Tara (bent over); Sandy, Rian, Fabi, Marieke, me and Phil (standing).  This is the worst photo yet.  I do stand out as the Tannest Man in Comedy, though.

We left the hotel in taxis at 9:20am, got to the bus station, and our bus for San Jose left at 9:50am.

We arrived back at our starting point, the Hotel Rincon, at 1:25pm.  The room I was assigned was strewn with garbage and had a bag of medicated powder spilled all over the floor.  The room had NOT been cleaned.  So I got a different one.

I had 5 hours to kill before dinner, so I used the Internet for a half hour.  Boners were in 9th place (50 pts.).  Disheartening.  On every other trip I've taken, they've stayed in pretty much the same spot for the duration.  Still 4 months left though.

San Jose is a small city for a capital (300,000 people) and doesn't have many real tourist attractions, but I took a walk into downtown anyway to have a look.

Teatro Nacional, which is probably the most significant building in San Jose.

Plaza de la Cultura and Teatro Nacional.  My camera batteries finally died right before I took this.  I always carry spares.

I continued to get zero eye contact from local girls downtown.  But it did notice that ticas dress well...which for me means a skirt and a top that shows off their shoulders and juggs, regardless of the size of the juggs or the tica overall.  Having a few extra pounds is no excuse for not looking healthy and summery.

Museo Nacional.  This museum is a converted military headquarters (there's been no army since 1948) and the other side looks like a castle, but I couldn't get a good pic.

Back at the hotel I spent more time on the Internet (till 4:20pm), and discovered a comment on my January 14 Pig 'N Whistle video (when I did Ruby for the first time and killed) instructing Matt Lewis to "bring this dumbass to Oklahoma".  That's cool.  I hadn't gotten an e-mail notification of that comment.  I had two Pilsens while online, and checked the G.A.P site, pondering my next adventure.

Shot out my window of the bar/Internet room where our tour officially started 14 days ago.

I showered and shaved, and discovered mosquito bites on my chin/jowl, although they might be pimples.  Then I went to reception and booked my taxi for tomorrow.  I'm the last one to leave (2pm flight)...usually I'm the one who leaves first and everyone stays extra days.

I went back down to the Internet, because like I said I had 5 hours to kill, and met Fabi's boyfriend Carlos (my archnemesis).  He didn't look like a chimp at all.  I started checking web sites I check only if I have bonus free time, like, where I learned that David Hyde Pierce came out and revealed that he'd married his boyfriend last year.  Cavs were down 3-1 to Orlando, which came as some surprise.  Gold was over $950 (I have 33 ounces that I bought at around $430, so you do the math...the gold's not in my apartment though, so don't come here).  My stocks, which I'd sunk $30,000 into, peaked at around $33k and dropped to $14k in the crash last year, were back over $20k.  The recovery was inevitable.  Phillies fell to 2nd and Myers apparently needs hip surgery, which isn't good.

We (including Carlos) all went to dinner at Cafe Mundo.  I had a pizza pie, a Long Island (didn't wear my pink shirt though) and a Pilsen.  I forget why were talking about buses again but I pointed out that only poor people ride the bus, and this also seemed to irritate Fabi, and then she cited the beer comment from yesterday.  I did qualify it with "in LA", because it's true...the average bus rider in LA makes $10,000 a year, which in LA is poor.  It's different in other US cities and the rest of the world.  Come to think of it, when I did a bit at the Pig on people who ride the bus, it provoked a strong reaction, which is always my goal.

The bathrooms at Cafe Mundo were interesting.  Between the damas y caballeros, instead of a solid wall, there was a translucent panel through which I could see a girl at the sink.  Back at the table, I proclaimed to the group that I found this setup to be Fucking Hot.

We got back to the hotel at 9:10pm.  There were no goodbye hugs...those were likely to be tomorrow morning when the sisters and the Canadians were leaving.

A few of us hung out in the Internet room.  At one point Fabi left and I decided it would be a good time to chase her and give her the customary tip, because I knew I'd forget otherwise, and there wasn't an envelope going around like on other tours.  (Did you guys all stiff Fabi on the tip?  And how can I say "stiff" and "tip" and not get a TWSS out of it?)  I stuck around with Sandy, Fabi and Sarah (in order of deparutre) and had 2 more Pilsens, and a Heineken that I took back to the room.  Bedtime was sometime after 11pm.