May 25:  Monteverde

Up at 7:20am.  On the table outside my room and Fabi's there was an empty Cuba Libre can.  Someone had a late night!  (She explained this later.  It wasn't hers.)

Before we left the hotel I checked the Internet for the Sunday night waiver results.  I got Suppan back to replace Cabrera, and former Boner David Eckstein to replace the injured Omar Infante.

Sarah, Marieke and I left at 8am for Selvatura (the zipline/canopy/bridge operator) and got there at 8:30am.  They asked us for a voucher, which Fabi hadn't given us.  There was some concern that she'd overslept (I heard her alarm going off for a while) and forgotten to take care of it, but I'll give her the benefit of the doubt here.  We got in anyway.

Ziplining was awesome.  We did 15 lines, the longest of which was a full kilometer in length and soared above the forest.  There was a hot underage tall cat-eyed Russian DSL leggy blonde nipply girl in our group who was was checking me out.  There was a question as to whether she was boning the 48-year-old-looking guy who was most affectionate toward her, or if she was a common girlfriend to the 6-8 Russian guys in the group.

After ziplining we walked the bridges through the cloud forest.  Anna and Rian had already done the walk, but Anna did it again.  But she and Sarah lagged behind, so it was mostly me and Marieke.  We saw another quetzal!  Again, I couldn't get a photo because it flew away as I was focusing.

There was nothing much else of note on the bridge walk.  We heard some howlers.  Marieke said she thought I was about 33 before she heard my true age.  That's a high estimate.  I told her I like girls in their 20s.  I did 15 years ago.  My tastes haven't changed.  And I reiterated that broads my own age are disgusting.  Marieke also gave me one of those red sexual prostitute-lips flowers, which are actually pretty hot up close.  And we kept hearing nightingales, which we'd heard and seen yesterday also but only today did I lien their sound to that of microphone feedback.  Nightingales sound beautiful when they sing, whereas when Fabi sings, birds fall out of the sky.

We returned to the hotel at 1:30pm.  Sandy and the Canadians were still at Selvatura (they'd started the ziplining at 11am rather than 8am).  No one wanted to go into town for lunch, and neither did I really, because I wasn't hungry.  So back in the room I took matters into my own hands (after the Russian and the flower...yes, I'm in such bad shape that I'm getting aroused by plants) and then had a rest listening to the rain and my iPod, and then a real nap 2:10pm-4:30pm.  There was torrential rain during this nap, which facilitated it.

We had dinner at Morpho's.  I had the mushroom chicken and 3 Pilsens.  The mushroom sauce was yummy and I wanted to drink it.  Fabi offered a straw, but I said I don't want to suck it through a straw.  That's What She Said.  Fabi buckled over on this.

We then moved to the Tree House to hear the guitar guy from last night and his band.  I had a Pilsen there.  But it was too loud so we all went home.  Bed 10:20pm with iPod, so I probably went to sleep at 11ish.